October 10th, 2013


Closing nonconformities – completing the paperwork

For each nonconformity you receive during a DAMAS audit you will need to implement corrective actions to address the issues and complete a nonconformity finding report for the auditor detailing your actions.

If you are struggling to complete your nonconformity finding report then below is an explanation of how to compete your corrective action plan (detailed on the forms as section 3).

Root Cause – complete this section by detailing what the problem was and what caused the issue to happen in the first place.

Correction – complete this section detailing how you corrected the problem

Corrective action plan – complete this section detailing what plans you will or have put in place to stop the problem reoccurring.

Plan for verification of effectiveness – complete this section by detailing how you are going to check/verify that your corrective action plan has worked or been effective.

Remember – you will not receive your DAMAS certificate until your auditor has received your completed report.

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