Do you know the difference between DAMAS and DAMAS North America?

Date posted: January 27, 2014


From the 1st January 2014 changes have been implemented to the DAMAS scheme that operates in North America. Dental practices when sourcing dental laboratory work should ensure that they are aware of the difference in DAMAS that operates in the UK and DAMAS that operates in North America.

The National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) has had the licensing rights to DAMAS for some 13 years. Since the early years of DAMAS in the USA the scheme has now significantly grown to encompass the china dental laboratory market to enable these laboratories to do business in the USA.

DAMAS in the USA is different to DAMAS UK, the main difference being that the USA scheme does not prove compliance with the MHRA requirements and therefore the DLA has now taken steps to ensure that the UK and USA schemes will no longer be a cause for confusion.

From the 1st January 2014 any laboratory promoting the DAMAS status of a non UK based laboratory will have to abide by the new restrictions for DAMAS North America which is now clearly identifiable by different logos and terminology as detailed below.

DAMAS is exclusive to dental laboratories based in the UK. Once registration is achieved UK based dental laboratories may legitimately display the DAMAS logo which identifies that the UK laboratory has undergone an inspection. Non UK laboratories or UK agents that have been inspected by the NADL in North America may only use the North America logo.

From the 1st January 2014 any non UK laboratory or non-manufacturing UK agent that is displaying the UK logo and has not undergone an inspection in the UK of their manufacturing premises will be infringing copyright laws and should be reported to the DLA.


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For further information please contact the DLA office on 0115 9254888


Date posted: January 14, 2014


Congratulations go to the following dental laboratories that have been re-inspected against the DAMAS Specification during December 2013:



Dental Laboratory  Year of first DAMAS   Registration
Steve Butler Dental Ceramics, Peterborough


Ultimate Dental Laboratory, Liverpool


Optimum Dental South West


Casterbridge Dental, Dorset


Gibsons Dental Laboratory, Stoke


Optimum Dental South East