DAMAS is the ‘Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme’. It is a quality management system designed specifically for the manufacturers of custom made dental appliances.

DAMAS is the most commonly used annually inspected quality system within the dental laboratory industry that provides a framework for an effective quality management system which enables dental laboratories to prove to their clients that they are operating within the law (Medical Devices Regulations MDR).
DAMAS is more than just a quality control mechanism. It encompasses control beyond just inspection and testing and requires a structured approach to prevention of quality problems through planned activities that include reviews, monitoring and documentation.

DAMAS provides laboratories with a set of processes that ensure a common sense approach to the management of the organisation. The system ensures consistency and improvement of working practices, which in turn should provide products and services that meet customer's requirements.

DAMAS Benefits:

  • Provides a means of publicly demonstrating a laboratories capability to supply MDD and MDR conforming appliances
  • Says the dental laboratory complies with the MDD
  • Limits the risk of litigation for both laboratory and surgery
  • Provides a powerful marketing and selling tool
  • Provides a base for continuous improvement
  • Identifies responsible laboratories
  • Discourages fraudulent registration claims by dental laboratories
  • Improves and develops the image of the industry