DAMAS Internal Audits, when do these need to be undertaken?

Date posted: April 5, 2016


If you are already a registered DAMAS laboratory, you will know that as part of the system you need to conduct Internal Audits.

The frequency of the Internal Audits is up to you, they need to be conducted, as a minimum, annually, a little before your External Audit is due. Some laboratories choose to undertake Internal Audits quite frequently, and certainly for bigger laboratories, this can make it easier to keep on top of the system.

The purpose of the Internal Audit:

Conducting the Internal Audit gives the laboratory an accurate view and understanding of whether the DAMAS Compliance System is running effectively within the lab, and if it isn’t, why this is.

Once you have been through the Internal Audit process and recorded the findings on the internal audit format, the next thing to do is to undertake a Management Review.

The Purpose of the Management Review:

The Management Review is usually, conducted by more than one individual and follows on from the Internal Audit. The purpose is to assess the findings that arose during the Audit, and to see if any corrective action is required. If there are any issues uncovered, then a corrective action plan(s) can be formulated using this form.