Claim your DAMAS CPD with help from the DLA

August 15th, 2013

Have you implemented DAMAS during 2012 or 2013? If you have used the DLA system to implement DAMAS and have completed your first external audit of the system you will be able to claim verifiable CPD.

If you are already DAMAS registered, any new staff will also be eligible to claim verifiable CPD, once trained in the DAMAS system – for further information on this process contact the DLA office on 0115 9254888.

In order to claim DAMAS CPD once you have become DAMAS registered all you need to do is contact the DAMAS office at the DLA who will supply the relevant documents for you to complete so you can obtain your CPD certificate.

For an example of the hours that can be earned, please view the table below.


Continual professional development hours for persons involved with a project to establish and maintain a DAMAS Compliance System

For further information on becoming a DAMAS laboratory or for help on obtaining CPD for your DAMAS system please contact the DLA on 0115 9254888.

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