DAMAS in a day...

DAMAS International has developed a one day DAMAS Consultancy service whereby, one of the DAMAS team will come to your laboratory and help you implement DAMAS.  This service is only available to laboratories who have purchased the DAMAS Implementation Folders.
The one-day consultation will aim to help you with any issues you might have with DAMAS;  as a guide we would aim to try and bring all of your procedures up to date within the folder and help start the process of completing the following:

  • Approved Materials - start compilation of list
  • Purchasing - introduce a purchase ordering system
  • Training Records - start compiling staff records
  • Materials & Equipment Instructions - start compilation of list
  • Cleaning Records - introduce records of cleaning
  • Complaints Records - introduce recording of complaints
  • Evaluating Materials - training of how to complete evaluations
  • Internal Audits & Review - training on how to undertake audits and review

For further information on the 1 day consultancy services please contact the DAMAS Office on 0115 9648249 or email damasoffice@btinternet.com