The DAMAS Auditing/Inspection Process

When you are satisfied that your laboratory meets the requirements of the DAMAS specification, and you have a minimum of three months system records, you may apply to have your DAMAS system assessed for conformity.

To book a DAMAS audit all you need to do is contact the DAMAS Office who will guide you through the audit application process.

On the day of the assessment, the assessor will introduce himself/herself and explain the assessment process. They will then assess your DAMAS system for conformity with the requirements of the DAMAS Management System Specification. They will examine samples of your records and assess if these are sufficient to demonstrate conformity.

The assessor will take lots of notes. Don't worry about this. The assessor has to make records of their assessment so that random checks may be made to ensure that assessors are doing the job correctly!

When the assessor has finished their assessment, they will confirm any nonconformities they have found during the assessment, e.g. training records missing, lab tickets not being signed off, purchase orders incomplete, cleaning not carried out as scheduled, audits missing. It is up to you to fix nonconformities within 30 days.

If it is clear to the auditor that you have not got the necessary systems in place, they will tell you so and suspend the assessment. Depending upon the circumstances, they will come to some suitable arrangements for the assessment to be carried out at a later date.

If you have a successful audit the assessor will advise you that, in their opinion, your system meets the DAMAS requirements and that they will be recommending your registration as a DAMAS laboratory. DAMAS International will enter your laboratory onto the DAMAS register and you will be issued with a registration certificate. In order to maintain DAMAS status your system must be assessed annually.

DAMAS International will confirm your DAMAS registration in writing and provide a copy of the DAMAS logo which may be used to promote your DAMAS status on your lab stationery and lab tickets. In lab finder on the DAMAS website you will be immediately up dated to show that you are now DAMAS registered.